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  1. Aldokhi, Othman - Temperature sex determination of the freshwater turtle Mauremys caspica (Chelonia, Reptilia) from the eastern oasis of Saudi Arabia

  2. Bahn, Quyen - Phenotypic gonadal differentiation of barramundi (Lates calcarifer) from newly hatched larva to mature male fish

  3. Barseghyan, Hayk - Investigation of variants of uncertain significance identified through exome sequencing in 46,XY disorders of sex development using C57BL/6J-YPOS mouse model

  4. Bej, Dillip - Expression profiles of two amh homologues during gonadal sex differentiation of cobaltcap silverside Hypoatherina tsurugae, an atherinid fish from the northwest Pacific Ocean

  5. Bhandari, Ramji - Transgenerational effects from early developmental exposures to bisphenol A or 17A-ethinylestradiol in medaka, Oryzias latipes

  6. Bowles, Josephine - Defective retinoid metabolism disrupts primary sex determination in mice

  7. Bramble, Matthew - The molecular underpinnings of gonadal hormone-influenced gene alterations through DNA methylation mechanisms in the central nervous system

  8. Budd, Alyssa - Temperature induced DNA methylation of key sex genes in a hermaphrodite finfish, Lates calcarifer

  9. Chakraborty, Tapas - Involvement of unique DM-domain gene in the sex determination of marine teleost, Engraulis japonicus

  10. Chassot, Anne-Amandine - Rspo1/beta-catenin signaling pathway: A tight control over ovarian differentiation in mice

  11. Contar Adolfi, Mateus - Retinoic acid metabolism, transcription regulatory activity and meiosis in medaka

  12. Flower, Rosalyn - Understanding sex-linked disease mechanisms in Hirschsprung’s disease

  13. García-Moreno, Sara - Epigenetic regulation of sex determination in the mouse fetal gonad

  14. Gemmell, Neil - A transcriptome examination of sexual differentiation in zebrafish

  15. Gonen, Nitzan - Differentiating embryonic stem cells towards Sertoli cells: A stop at the intermediate mesoderm state

  16. Gradie, Paul - Rise of the urorectal septum: Mouse as a model for embryonic penis development and malformations

  17. Guiguen, Yann - The Phylosex Project: Towards a better understanding of sex determination

  18. Guioli, Silvana - Left/right differentiation of the chicken embryonic ovaries

  19. Hara, Satoshi - Identification and characterization of testis-specific microRNAs

  20. Harley, Vincent - SRY and male sex bias in Parkinson’s disease

  21. Hartwig, Sunny - Sox4 is required for mammalian male differentiation in vivo

  22. Igarashi, Maki - Systematic mutation analysis of patients with disorders of sex development

  23. Inoue, Miki - Identification and characterization of Leydig progenitor cells

  24. Kaiga, Junkichi – Some like it hot: Temperature selection during the critical period of thermolabile sex determination in pejerrey (Odontesthes bonariensis)

  25. Kanai-Azuma, Masami - A possible involvement of a dose-dependent Sox17 activity of uterine epithelia in mouse implantation processes

  26. Kanamori, Akira - Construction of a genetic map from self-fertilizing hermaphrodite fish, Kryptolebias marmoratus, by artificial fertilization and RAD sequencing

  27. Kato, Tomoko - Functional analysis of gonad-specific micro RNA

  28. Kikuchi, Mariko - Sexually different development of Cyp17a1-expressing cells in medaka gonad

  29. Kodama, Maho - Molecular cloning and characterization of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) from Rana rugosa frogs

  30. Li, Yunmin - The sex-determining factor SRY is involved in numerous early events of testis differentiation including testis cord formation

  31. Matsushita, Shoko - Molecular regulatory mechanism for MafB expression in genital tubercle

  32. Mattiske, Deidre - Development of the female urogenital system is dependent on two novel long non-coding RNAs

  33. Maxfield, Jessica - Uncovering the secret sex change: Mapping the sex change pathway in gobid fishes

  34. Minkina, Anna - Dmrt1 protects male gonadal cells from retinoid-dependent sexual transdifferentiation

  35. Miyoshi, Kaho - Effects of temperature on sex determination of cobaltcap silverside Hypoatherina tsurugae, an atherinid fish from the northwest Pacific Ocean

  36. Montiel, E.E. - Structure and evolution of the youngest sex chromosome system in turtles

  37. Moore, Emily - Polygenic sex determination expands variation in secondary sex characters

  38. Murashima, Aki - The function of growth factors signaling in the developing Wolffian duct and male reproductive tract

  39. Murphy, Mark - An ancient protein-DNA interaction underlying metazoan sex determination

  40. Myosho, Taijun - Rapid turnover of the sex chromosome and repeated utilization of sex-determining gene in medaka fishes

  41. Nguyen, Ngoc Mai - Investigating the role of estrogen in establishing sexual identity in African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis)

  42. Oike, Akira - Determination of androgen concentration that induces female to male sex-reversal in the frog Rana rugosa

  43. Ono, Makato - FGF9 activity from normal males and 46,XY females

  44. Pan, You-Jin - The PI3K/AKT pathway controls zebrafish sex-dimorphic gonad development

  45. Piprek, Rafal - Cell proliferation and migration during gonad development in anuran amphibians

  46. Quinn, Alex - CRISPR-fied mice: Investigating candidate cis-regulatory sequences for Sry and Sox9

  47. Rastetter, Raphael - New insights into mammalian foetal ovarian development

  48. Ruthig, Victor - Overexpression of X-linked Eif2s3x can substitute for the loss of Y-linked Eif2s3y and allows for spermatogonial proliferation and differentiation in the mouse

  49. Samson, Sheila - Control of ovarian follicle assembly and activation by p27 and Foxl2

  50. Sarida Munti - Male gonadal differentiation in pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis: Co-occurrence between apoptosis and anti-Müllerian hormone gene expression

  51. Shishido, Yurina - Role of sex chromosomes in sexually different chromatin modification of mouse Sertoli cells

  52. Smith, Craig - RNA-seq identifies the zinc finger gene, ZNF385B, as a new candidate player in chicken gonadal sex differentiation

  53. Stickels, Robert - Dax1/Nrob1 was expressed during mammalian gonadal development and gametogenesis before it was recruited to the eutherian X-chromosome

  54. Suzuki, Kentaro - The role of MafB during the masculinization of the embryonic external genitalia

  55. Symon, Aleisha - NEED9, a SOX9 responsive gene in the mammalian testis

  56. Takasawa, Kei - Foxl2 transcriptionally represses Sf1 expression by antagonizing Wt1 during ovarian development in mice

  57. Tashiro, Seiya - Occurrence of sex genotype/sex phenotype mismatches and YY super-males (YY) in wild populations of pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis

  58. Todd, Erica - Power and promise of RNA-seq for examining sex-specific gene expression

  59. Vizziano-Cantonnet, Denise - Transcriptome sequencing of gonads of the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) during pre and post sexual differentiation, diversity and sex chromosome evolution in fish

  1. Vue, Zer - Glandular morphogenesis of the mouse uterus

  2. Wada, Mikako - Gene expression and gonadal structure during early sexual development in Xenopus laevis

  3. Wang, Deshou – A tandem duplication of amh is a sex determining gene in Nile tilapia

  4. Warr, Nick - Identifying MAP2K enzymes which are required for testis determination in the mouse

  5. Xu, Wen-Teng - Cloning and characterization of Tesk1, a novel spermatogenesis-related gene in the tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis)

  6. Yang, Jennifer - Characterization of testis- and ovary-specific long non-coding RNAs

  7. Zhang, Yan - Roles of amhy, amha, and amhrII in temperature-dependent sex determination of perjerrey Odontesthes bonariensis

  8. Piferrer, Francesc - Effects of temperature during early development mediated by epigenetic mechanisms in fish